Success stories

Success Stories

Community Futures is pleased to showcase some of the many good news stories in rural Alberta. Everyday we help people like you start and grow successful small businesses.

Red Deer Tactical

Jason and Laura Power
Red Deer, AB

Red Deer Tactical, located at Unit 8 - 88 Howarth St., opened their doors in November 2019 and provides tactical clothing and accessories to first responders, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone who wants quality casual clothing. Owners Jason and Laura Power, both first responders themselves, have a unique perspective into the world of tactical gear and recognized the need for this in Central Alberta.

Jason, who is also a firefighter and Laura who works with Federal Corrections, are able to provide first hand experience and knowledge to their customers.
It has been a tough year for so many local businesses, with the earlier shut down and now with increased restrictions. Red Deer Tactical is following all AHS Guidelines and also has options for curbside pick up and free delivery on certain days in Red Deer, Penhold, and Innisfail. They also use Shopify, which gives options with purchases made online. Visit them today and support local!

Connect with RDT on Social Media and check out their holiday gift guide!
Shop Red Deer Tactical online:

Small Business Spotlight - Twenty-One Stitches

Natasha Ghostkeeper
Rocky Mountain House, AB

When Natasha Ghostkeeper When she was 21, she started on the path to sewing, quilting and teaching. She started Twenty-One Stitches to share this love of quilting.  Every aspect of this craft is exciting and engaging to Natasha and she she loves to share everything she learns with others who also enjoy it and with those who are learning. 

In 2012, Natasha moved to Rocky Mountain House with her two children, Aurealia and Oliver. Her daughter shares similar interests in the craft as well and they love teaching and learning together.  Natasha's interests are to design her own quilts and fabric line and to one day become a certified Judy Neimeyer instructor and store.

Twenty-One Stiches opened in June of 2019 and offers, fabric, notions, classes and much more! For more information, visit Twenty-One Stitches on Facebook or

Check out Natasha speaking about her entrepreneurial journey HERE.



Small Business Spotlight - Lodge 43 Restaurant

Trevor Scott and Heather Jones
Sylvan Lake, AB

With the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 still being top of mind for everyone, we'd like to share how one Sylvan Lake business is changing, persevering and adapting. 

Speaking with Heather Jones, co-owner of Lodge 43, she had this to say about adapting to the changes as a business and as a community, " As COVID shut down many businesses, we adapted by looking closely at our community and the needs of our neighbours.  In a terrifying and unknown time, people needed comfort in both food and home.
Business wise, we adapted by changing our hours to dinner time only, offering more comfort food and family sized portions and starting curbside pickup and delivery. Community wise, we started a breakfast program to provide for those students who no longer had their School breakfast program to rely on. We had an enormous amount of support from other local businesses, churches and even B94 radio out of Rocky Mountain House.
Going forward, I think people have realized that their spending choices really do have an impact. Locally owned businesses need YOU, not only for survival but for employing your neighbours. We have 12 staff and every late night brainstorming was with them in mind, we have to come back from this! That's 12 families needing us, and when exhaustion would come, knowing our staff needed us to be strong was enough to wake up again and push forward. We were lucky enough to have every single team member come back to us. 
Our actions make us better people. Better people make a stronger community."

Visit Lodge 43 in Sylvan Lake and stay up to date with them on Facebook and on Instagram.

Hearing Loops Canada

Duane Melchert
Red Deer

Hearing Loops Canada (HLC) was founded in September of 2016 by Duane Melchert and is a Division  of X-cel Communications Inc. HLC is proud to be an authorized/certified supply and install company for Contacta loop systems and products. HLC brings clear communication and enhanced sound quality to the hard of hearing in all walks of life, from shops and offices, to the largest theatres, auditoriums and sports stadiums.
What is a hearing loop?
A hearing loop consists of a microphone, an amplifier and, in the place of a loudspeaker, a coil of wire placed around the room. Sound waves from the speaker’s voice going into the microphone are changed into an electric current, amplified, and then sent through the coil which emits a magnetic field in the room. The field is picked up by the “T” switch of a hearing aid, amplified, and converted back into sound. Hearing aid users sitting within the loop system can pick up the speaker’s voice or other auditory stimulus with a minimum of distortion and no background noise simply by turning on the “T” switch on their hearing aids. The loop is fully adaptable to television, radio, stereo, tape recorder or movie projector.

According to CHHA – National over 4.3 million Canadians have hearing loss and is only growing.

Duane successfully completed the Community Futures BizStream Program in 2017, allowing his business to become SeCor certified. This certification allowed the business to meet the criteria and safety requirements in order to successfully bid on Government and large corporate contracts. In addition, Community Futures Central Alberta provided assistance and guidance in developing new licencing agreements and provided capital for Duane’s business to grow.

“As a small business owner being asked to participate in the BizStream Small Business Program by Community Futures Central Alberta is one of the best things that could have happened to me and my company. This program made me look at and understand my business in ways I never thought possible. It wasn’t an easy journey nor should it be. I am proud to say we are now SeCor certified and have produced policy and procedures we never had before. This has opened up new doors and opportunities. Thank You.” Duane Melchert


EDP Success Story - The Maby Studio

Ruby Cole
Sylvan Lake, AB

“Don’t be afraid to dream big. Our circumstances just mean we have to take a different route to our goal than what traditionally you would have to, not that we will not get there.” Ruby Cole 

Click HERE to read more about Ruby and her experience with the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program. 

Find The Maby Studio on Facebook and view their website for more info!


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